Meet Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Steven L. Chung

In this article, meet Attorney Steven L. Chung in his own words.

I grew up on Long Island, NY. It was a melting pot of cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds, from the less fortunate to the wealthy, and various countries and religions. This exposure to multiple perspectives and experiences was invaluable and beneficial when I pursued my education at Penn State University.

Like my hometown, Penn State is a massive institution with around 40,000 undergraduate students. Cultural adaptability and an open mindset are vital to thrive and connect with people in such an environment.

Understanding and appreciating diversity is vital for establishing strong relationships within this city. My upbringing gave me the necessary skills to navigate through the diverse communities of Philadelphia effortlessly.

After law school, I began my career as a prosecutor in Berks County, where I spent two years putting criminals behind bars and contributing to the community’s safety. This experience was invaluable, as it taught me how insurance companies approach cases, evaluate them and try to avoid providing fair compensation to victims. Having seen the strategies employed by insurance companies from the other side, I am well-prepared to anticipate their moves and fight diligently for my clients’ rightful compensation.

Representing victims of crimes during my time as a prosecutor instilled a sense of compassion and advocacy in me. I connected to the victims and understood the significance of obtaining justice and restitution for their suffering. This empathy carried over when I transitioned into representing injured individuals in personal injury cases. Like the crime victims I represented, my clients are often helpless victims of unforeseen accidents. Whether they’ve endured car accidents, slip and falls, or work injuries, I am dedicated to fighting for their rights and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

My commitment to my clients goes beyond mere legal representation. Choosing a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer is a significant decision, and I take it very seriously. When clients decide to work with us, we maintain constant communication, updating them on their case’s progress and providing personalized attention. This dedication to our clients’ needs has resulted in numerous referrals from satisfied clients, and I am proud to have earned their trust and respect.

My office across the street from City Hall in Philadelphia is a strategic advantage. It allows us to quickly respond to court appearances, judge meetings, and other legal matters, saving valuable time and ensuring efficient representation for our clients. 

Living and raising a family in Philadelphia for 25 years has made me intimately familiar with the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. This knowledge, combined with handling cases in Philly for over 25 years, gives me a competitive edge when handling personal injury cases. Understanding the local environment, including road conditions, sidewalks, and intersections, allows us to build strong cases and achieve better client outcomes.

In conclusion, my upbringing in a diverse community, experience as a prosecutor, and dedication to representing victims in personal injury cases have shaped me into a compassionate and skilled Philadelphia personal injury attorney. The well-being of our clients and the community we serve is paramount. Whether it’s fighting against insurance companies or obtaining justice for those injured, I take pride in representing the people of Philadelphia and positively impacting their lives.