With millions of accidents occurring every year, car accidents are unfortunately very common in the United States. While some of these accidents result in nothing more than minor scratches and dents to the involved vehicles, the reality is that many car accidents occur in devastating consequences for victims, leaving them to struggle with property damage, long-term pain and suffering, and unmanageable bills.

Although some car accidents are the result of unavoidable or unpredictable circumstances, they are more often caused by the carelessness or recklessness of other drivers on the road. If you have been the victim of a car accident in Philadelphia because of another person’s negligence or irresponsible behavior, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers and attorneys understand just how difficult it can be to recover. We know just how devastating the effects of a car accident can be for all those involved. We are committed to helping you pursue compensation and justice from the responsible party.

If you have been seriously hurt in a crash in Philadelphia, or if you unfortunately lost a loved one in an accident, you do not have to suffer alone. You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of this collision, and you may be owed financial compensation for your injury and losses. Our experienced will investigate the cause of the accident and will take action on behalf of you and your family.

Our skilled Philadelphia car accident lawyers and attorneys have represented thousands of families, and we can help you too. Our injury lawyers have years of experience assisting individuals in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania pursue the compensation they need after being injured because of another party’s negligence. We will fight to protect the rights of people who have been seriously hurt in car accidents. Don’t wait until it is too late for you to file your claim for compensation. We work for you!

The Many Types of Car Accidents

Just as there are many causes of car accidents, there are also numerous types of accidents. The way a car impacts or is impacted by other vehicles or objects can shape the resulting property damage and/or injuries.

Head-on collisions occur when the front end of two vehicles run into one another. These collisions are often fatal, as the force of both vehicles forward motion causes very severe accidents.

Rear-end collisions are accidents where one car crashes into another vehicle in front of it. They are often caused when a distracted driver fails to react to a slowing or stopped vehicle.

Side-impact collisions are a type of accident in which drivers and passengers may be severely injured when the side of one vehicle is impacted by the front or rear of a fixed object or other vehicle. These collisions are sometimes called “T-bone” collisions.

Sideswipe collisions occur when the sides of two parallel vehicles touch one another. Sideswipe collisions tend to result in fewer personal injuries unless there are compounding factors at play (loss of driver control, excessive speed, sideswipe causing a rollover, involvement of additional vehicles or objects).

Car Accidents and Pennsylvania No-Fault Law

Regardless of the cause, victims of car accidents are entitled to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, also known as first-party benefits, under the Pennsylvania No-Fault Law. These benefits may cover reasonably necessary medical expenses related to the accident, lost wages, replacement services (to cover household chores or childcare the victim can no longer complete), attendant care such as in-home nursing, out-of-pocket medical costs, and vehicle and/or home modifications.

Third-party claims are also available to victims if the other driver was at least 50% at-fault for causing the accident. These claims are for pain and suffering compensation.

When someone is killed in a car accident, surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Compensation received from a wrongful death suit can include costs for funeral and burial, medical costs, lost wages, and pain, suffering, and loss of companionship for the survivors.

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