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In December of 2020 I was in a bad car accident, near where I reside, in Lackawanna County (northeastern Pennsylvania). I had a fractured sternum. After 1 month I need surgery to have 2 metal plates and 16 screws placed to secure the fracture. Mr. Chungs law firm was recommended by my wife's ex husband. When I called Mr. Chung himself a few days after the accident. He answered right away and was extremely understanding, and very reassuring. He told me that I would be hearing from his investigator Mr. Vincent Sawyer. I expected to hear from him in a few days, but, 45 minutes later I was on the phone with Mr. Sawyer. Also very caring and reassuring. Speaking to Mr. Sawyer I felt I was going to be well represented and my wife and I were in good hands. Attorney Mr. Paul Mahoney and paralegal Ms. Lisa Tyson were assigned to my case. After 1 year and 3 months I had to have a second surgery to have said hardware removed due to complications. Mr. Mahoney and Ms. Tyson were very compassionate & comforting not to mention very dutiful and kept me informed every step of the way. Today my ordeal was settled by mediation and I have to say I am EXTREMELY pleased with our outcome. If there are ANY negative reviews about Mr. Chungs law firm, PLEASE PLEASE do not believe them. Everyone from the investigator to the paralegal to my attorney and straight to the top to Mr. Steven Chung were very professional and I am eternally grateful to everyone for their hard work. Needless to say I highly recommend Steven Chung Law Firm.

Frank Kane Avatar Frank Kane
August 20, 2022

It was a pleasure to work with the team who did a great job in handling my case. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs your service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Regetta Gardner Avatar Regetta Gardner
August 20, 2022

It is my sincere pleasure to write a professional review regarding the law firm of Stephen Chung and associates especially regarding John Aitchison. HAVING WORKED IN THE MEDICAL field for over 30 years plus I have been involved with numerous law firms and familiar with their level of competency and level of professionalism behavior. Approximately one year ago I engaged this firm to represent me after a severe fall. This period in my life was the nightmare of the damned and the dark night of the soul. It was the grace of God that Mr. Chung and John Atkinson agreed to represented me. I can never begin to convey how much respect and appreciation I have for them. As soon as they began to represent me I was reassured they would stand by me every step of the way. As an individual who believes one's word is their bond I place a great deal of value on this personal code of ethics. True to their EVERY WORD my expectations have been more than exceeded. When they say they will call back in 15 minutes they absolutely keep their word 100%. This excellent service started with the first phone and began with their wonderful and compassionate secretary. My case has not even reached the negotiation stage but I have 100% confidence that they will obtain the best possible financial settlement, Sincerely yours Marjorie D Rand

Marjorie Rand Avatar Marjorie Rand
June 20, 2022

I was so very pleased with this law office from day one! I worked very closely with John Aitchison- who was very nice and understanding of my situation. He worked very hard on a day to day basis to make sure all my problems and worries were taken care of! He pushed and pushed for months to make sure I can out with not only justice sever for what happened but also that my settlement was a good enough amount to take care of all medical expenses, lose wages, and also myself. He was always so swift in replying to my emails and never showed any frustration when we couldn’t get in touch with people who was so very involved in the case (which was upsetting to me at times). All in all, John was a pleasure to work with and I was so very pleased with the outcome of my settlement and the service and professionalism provided! I would recommend this office to a family or friend any day.

Charell Simmons Avatar Charell Simmons
May 20, 2022

I've had a great experience with Steven's firm. They are competent, responsive and professional. I enjoyed interacting with the office members (especially Gail G.). Thanks for all your help!

Felix Xyz Avatar Felix Xyz
May 20, 2022

I was treated with class, i didn't have any problems,I highly recommend Steven L Chung,Esquire,LLC when you need representation it's only one person you can count on.

Michael Carey Avatar Michael Carey
May 20, 2022

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